Between the Hogs

Between the Hogs

A 1' x 1' decal between the hog lines. Purchase multiple spaces for a larger image. We want your face, pet's face, kid's face, business logo, club logo, favorite emoji... have another idea? We'll consider it!

  • Image Requirements

    You will be prompted to upload your source image after completing checkout.


    Accepted formats: jpg, png, pdf, eps


    Minimum resolution: Non-vector images must have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi with the longest dimension of the area you'd like to use of 1,296 pixels minimum per 1' x 1' space.


    Cropping: Please crop your image to the area you'd like for us to use before submission. Please also ensure that if you're submitting a face, that the entire face is in the image. We're happy to remove backgrounds from photos, but cannot photoshop in missing hair, chins, etc. If taking a photo, please take it in front of a solid light-colored background.


    Image rules:

    • Images must be family-friendly; please keep it PG
    • By submitting an image for use you attest that you have the right to use that image
    • Due to the resolution of the vinyl mesh images will be printed on, please limit your design to only one face, logo, message, or other object per 1' x 1' space
    • We reserve the right to reject any image (and refund you) for any reason or no reason at all


    Design services: We're happy to assist purchasers of 4' x 4' spaces and 12' houses with the layout of your design. If you're purchasing multiple 1' x 1' spaces for a larger design, we can assist with those as well.